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The Graph
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Market cap$1,034,579,028.56 USD6,900,000,000 GRT
Circulating supply6,900,000,000 GRT
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Volume(24H)$79,384,203.67 USD530,202,000 GRT
Max supply10,057,044,431 GRT
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The Graph (GRT) Intro
< P >The Graph is a decentralized protocol for retrieving and querying blockchain data. To put it simply, The Graph is a search engine in The blockchain space, similar to traditional Google. However, The Graph is for developers, not The average user. Developers can define how to capture, index, and serve blockchain data in a verifiable way by building subgraphs.

< P > There are four different roles in The Graph network. Their participation ensures The normal operation of The whole protocol and drives them to jointly maintain The Graph network security through appropriate incentive mechanism.

    < Li > User (Comsumer) : Usually an end user, but could also be a web service or middleware that integrates The Graph. They pay the indexer for the query.
  • Indexer: The Indexer is The running node of The Graph. They earn rewards by running nodes.
  • GRT tokens are used by curators to indicate which subgraphs are worth indexing. They are usually developers, end users who support their use of the service, or a role for purely economic reasons.
  • Delegator: Delegators pledge GRT tokens to an Indexer to earn a share of inflation rewards and fees without having to run a Graph node themselves. The main motivation for such roles is economic.
< P > In the eyes of many investment institutions, query is a huge market, as the blockchain field has not yet produced a Google-level unicorn, so many investment institutions have to layout this track. Back in January last year, The Graph team raised a $2.5 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital. Raised $5 million in SAFT funding on June 30 from Multicoin Capital, Framework, ParaFi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, And Digital Currency Group.

As we all know, developing a DApp on Ethereum requires being a full node on Ethereum, and developers need to download the full ledger of the entire Ethereum network, which greatly increases the cost of developing a DApp. However, with The Graph, developers can quickly access The raw data and information needed to develop DApps directly from The Graph network without becoming a complete node of The blockchain. This will enable The team to focus on The core functions of dApps and help developers develop more "advanced" DApps more easily and efficiently.

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