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< BR /> As a big agricultural country, the state vigorously supports the "modern new agriculture" : Agriculture will be upgraded to information-based and intelligent agriculture, with the application of advanced technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things and agricultural big data to improve agricultural production methods and realize smart, precision and efficient agriculture.

In 2019, the Department of Rural Industry Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs formulated the Main Points of Rural Industry work in 2019. In 2020, the First central document was released, which mentioned strengthening the construction of modern agricultural facilities. Build agricultural and rural big data centers based on existing resources, and accelerate the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, the fifth generation mobile communication network, and smart weather in the agricultural field. < P >GNS application scheme: < BR />1) Big data can establish user portraits and accurately match consumer needs, so that farmers no longer worry about "what to sell", "whom to sell" and "whether to sell";

< P >2) Use the advantages of the platform to realize the "five-in-one" social new retail model of "mall operation + live production area + block payment + store operation + community operation", solve the problems of farmers' high yield, difficult sales, and high price of food. The social model enhances the interaction between farmers and consumers;

1. GNS public chain is a security traceability system created to solve the problem of agricultural and sideline product traceability. The software is open, transparent and non-tamper able with the characteristics of block chain, combined with the agricultural Internet of Things, anti-counterfeiting and authenticity technology to achieve: One thing, one code, traceability of the origin of the environment, agricultural inputs, agricultural production process, quality testing, processing, storage and transportation and other key aspects of quality and safety, to create high-end agricultural products brand, help governments to realize the whole process of safety supervision.

< P >2. GNS traceability system not only effectively ensures food safety, but also greatly improves international competitiveness.

First, existing vertical service platform: < BR />1. Category segmentation: Vertical e-commerce: ViPshop < BR />2. Cross-border e-commerce: Amazon GNS Taurus is the world's first agricultural vertical segmentation service platform, but also the only global public chain serving the entire agricultural industry;

1, data acquisition, triple audit to ensure the accuracy of data, authoritative release, real-time update of intelligent Internet of things equipment, data acquisition automation through the Internet of things technology, can automatically collect the process of planting and breeding environment, agricultural records and other data, without manual input.

< P > All links can be traced, and the file is enriched. < BR /> The file contains brand information, product certification information, agricultural records, environmental data, growing season pictures, real-time video, processing and distribution information, etc.

< P >2, the world's first: THREE-DIMENSIONAL three-dimensional map subvert vision, data visualization new form < BR /> With three-dimensional map form to present to you: agricultural whole industry chain data, intuitive, vivid, easy to understand;

< p > GNS have vast amounts of data: the navigation data, multimode trip data, the index data, support data, information, background data, road information, field data, geographic data, live environment, etc., focus on the agricultural industry chain: agriculture, forestry and fishing site of origin of a real-time, appears in the form of pictures, video, live < / p >

One-click navigation
Pick in person at the place of origin? A field trip? Experience the joy of a fisherman's harvest? Farmhouse food? No problem! < BR />GNS public chain with Beidou + big data + public chain technology support, the: planting (breeding) origin, ecological landscape, farm entertainment, rural tourist attractions, all kinds of agriculture, forestry and fishery resources, mineral resources, migratory bird ecological distribution and other resources in the whole agricultural industry chain have accurate coordinates, anytime and anywhere, a key navigation to take you to;

< P >GNS distributed public chain consists of 21 block nodes and platforms to jointly maintain the agricultural ecological community and ensure that stable services can be provided to users 24 hours a day.

< P >4. Origin live streaming + block payment + social networking < BR /> Live streaming has become the biggest outlet in 2020. In particular, during the special period of COVID-19, live broadcast has become an important channel for sales. In order to solve the problem of selling agricultural products, county heads across the country live broadcast has become a normal way to sell products.

< P >GNS public chain launched: adoption of fruit trees, poultry adoption, adoption of land, realize the channel from the field to the table, realize the docking of production and marketing, the implementation of order production, to solve the problem of high yield, difficult sales of the industry. Block payment realizes convenient payment between farmers and consumers in the field, and opens up the whole upstream and downstream industry chain;

< P > Live broadcast helps build: new agriculture social retail, leading the development of the industry.

1. Platform concept: < BR /> Adhere to the initial aspiration of agriculture and implement the application of public chain in the whole agricultural industry chain; < BR />GNS public chain only provides valuable information and services to participants, without any form of investment from participants, let alone accept investment;

1) Users will spontaneously participate in the construction, maintenance, creation and formation of a real international block public chain; < BR />2) GNS public chain builds 21 block nodes around the world, and all users vote to select 21 nodes according to the ranking of users' contributions to agricultural public chain; < BR />3) In order to encourage 21 nodes to contribute to the ecosystem of the public chain, the platform will issue GNS Taurus as a reward. GNS Taurus will not be sold to the market; < BR />4) GNS currency value management: the 21 super nodes and the platform jointly maintain the currency value management. The platform has its own hematopoietic function to ensure the stability of network nodes of GNS public chain and provide long-term services for users;

< P >GNS Taurus male chain, developed for agricultural applications;

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