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Golem (GLM) Intro
< P >Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that allows anyone to share and aggregate computing resources to create a global supercomputer. Golem is made up of the combined power of user machines, from personal computers to entire data centers. Golem creates a distributed computing power sharing economy and provides software developers with an inexpensive source of computing power.

< P >Golem focuses on tasks that require a lot of computing resources, such as computer-generated imagery (CGI), machine learning, and scientific computing. By creating a network of shared resources, Golem hopes to provide software developers with an alternative to traditional centralized cloud service providers such as Amazon, Alicloud, and Microsoft.

< P > Users rent out their hardware in exchange for Golem tokens. Those who need resources for intensive tasks such as CGI rendering can pay for this excess capacity through distributed markets.

< H3 data-header="3">Golem Ecology

Golem uses an Ethereum-based payment system and Golem tokens (GLEM) to facilitate transactions between users. The Golem ecosystem consists of three main groups; Requester, provider, and software developer. Golem believes the network will be more price-competitive than traditional cloud computing services, thus motivating users to choose Golem.

Requesters are users who want access to shared computing power in the network in exchange for GLEM. Requesters can run specific tasks through Golem applications that aggregate the computing power available in the network. Golem provides a native application where users can run their tasks and track various metrics.

< P > Providers are users who contribute their hardware to increase the computing power of the network's supercomputers. Because Golem aggregates computing power across providers, these users can offer hardware from a PERSONAL PC to a full data center. Providers can choose the proportion of contributing hardware they want to add to the network and the price at which they will use their computing power. The requester uses GLEM to pay the provider.

< P > Currently, Golem is creating the necessary developer tools for potential software developers, including an application registry where developers can publish their applications and requesters can easily search and find the specific applications and tools they need.

< P > According to a report by market research firm Gartner, the market size of cloud computing may reach $474 billion in 2022, an increase of more than 16%. Golem, the backbone of the decentralized computing market, can be seen as both an infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and a platform as a service (PaaS). With the integration of proprietary software, Golem will show its great potential.

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