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Decentralized Social
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Decentralized Social (DESO) Intro
< P >DeSo is a new type of social network that builds a custom blockchain from scratch that allows users to leverage its influence and content monetization mechanisms. Its architecture is similar to bitcoin, but with greater scale and throughput, it can better support the complex data of social media, such as posts, user profiles, followers, speculation and prediction functions. And like Bitcoin, DeSo is a completely open source project, with no company behind it, just tokens and code.

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In addition to BitClout, there are more than 140 projects built or under construction on DeSo. Consider Pulse, which calls itself "Bloomberg for BitClout," and BitClout client Flick. That means DeSo isn't new, but rather has been with BitClout since March.

DeSo's vision is to expand decentralized social applications to 1 billion users, and this public chain is tailored for social applications, unlike those DeFi public chains. The latter needs to be equipped with unique storage and indexing requirements that can handle social media applications at scale.

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The core value of BitClout is social tokenizing -- all social actions are recorded on the blockchain, and social value can be directly monetized with tokens. One of the core values of DeSo is that it supports millions of BitClout like social platforms.

< SPAN class=" ql-font-weight: normal "ql-author-14651582 ql-size-10 > Everyone who wants to use the DeSo blockchain or an application built on top of it must hold DeSo, which can be used to create a profile, create posts, buy social tokens, buy NFT, give away diamonds, and more.

Are the end-to-end encryption, all the love and attention, all social tokens, tip, all social activities, all NFT activities (including NFT bid), all $DESO transfer activity, links to all multimedia (such as video and image), called "link" new paradigm for all personal information authentication (forthcoming).

By lowering the barriers to entry for creating new social media products, almost anyone can build social media on DeSo that is comparable to the experience of existing social media.

DeSo was the first to launch social token, social NFT And social tipping, trying to change the rules of the game for creators to profit on the Internet.

If DeSo does have hundreds of BitClout like social platforms with real users, they'll be able to communicate with each other.

But BitClout already has its own public chain, so the appeal of DeSo's story is that it could be more ecological, but so far it doesn't appear that way -- perhaps requiring a new blockbuster social product. The social platform circuit has its own product logic and, once established, becomes an infrastructure until new disruptive social products emerge.

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