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MANA ( Global )
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All-Time High$5.9016
Circulating Supply
1,849,216,541 MANA
Max Supply
2,193,629,627 MANA
Total Supply
2,193,629,627 MANA
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Decentraland (MANA) Intro

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MANA (Decentraland) is a distributed virtual platform. MANA (Decentraland) is an ERC20 token issued on 18 September 2017. Decentraland is a VR platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create, play and even monetize development platform content and app experiences. Decentraland is a VR platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create, play and even monetize development platform content and app experiences. On this platform, users can browse and discover content and interact with other people and entities. Users can also claim ownership of their virtual territory via a blockchain-based land ledger. Territories are defined by rectangular coordinates (X,Y), and their owners can determine what content is posted on the territory, from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. Unlike other virtual worlds and social networks,Decentraland is not controlled by a centralized organization. No single agent has the power to change its software rules, land content or currency, nor to block others from entering the virtual world.

Decentraland consists of lots on which users have full control. MANA tokens can be used to purchase Decentraland territory (rare digital assets that are irreplaceable and transferable stored in ethereum smart contracts). Or Decentraland digital goods and services in the virtual world. The user buys land with the token MANA, and 1000 MANA can buy one land. Users can resell the land, and the price of the land will vary depending on the location and the degree of construction. Users can build scenarios or mini-games on their plots, and plots can be organized into communities to create shared Spaces of common interest and purpose.

Decentraland is based on the application of virtual reality (VR). Creators publish quality content to attract traffic and increase the value of blocks, which require MANA to purchase, thereby driving up the price of tokens. In general, the project landing is clear and the process is simple. Its agreements are divided into a consensus layer, which tracks the ownership and content of the territory; Domain content layer, using decentralized distributed system to download assets; The real-time layer allows visitors in the user world to interact with each other. The user's social experience will include avatars, location of other users, voice chat, messaging, and interaction with the virtual environment. This requires different protocols to coordinate, and there will be a lot of room for development as virtual technology continues to upgrade in the future.

One of the biggest features of Decentraland is that it solves the problem of generating intermediate platform revenue for decentralised open source projects, thereby enabling a low price payment model between content creators and game players. The project uses blockchain technology to acquire and transfer virtual property rights, and allows users to hold these virtual property rights permanently and even operate them to make profits for their own content creation. There is no intermediary fee.

is a project party that has deep cooperation with Bionhu. In the bear market, we used to airdrop candies and land to bionhu users together with Bionhu. In the first quarter of 2019, due to the market's preference for tokens with DAPP type, the price of MANA began to rise due to this factor. Not only the progress of price MANA was very good, code updates were relatively stable, and the liquidity of tokens also achieved good results.

Identity authentication system

Domain ownership Decentraland is an authentication system in which the authentication information is the coordinates of the territory. Decentraland uses a decentralised identity system to create a layer of ownership on items in the virtual world. Such systems facilitate coloured text accounts and verify creator consent by linking public keys and signatures to human-readable names.

Payment channel

This is an important part of Decentraland that enables purchases in the virtual world and motivates content servers and P2P servers to improve service delivery. Nowadays, there are many dangers in all kinds of external payment channels, and developing in-game payment channels can better protect payers' personal information, so as not to worry about leakage.

Base data
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