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Internet Computer (ICP) Intro

DFINITY IT aims to replace the traditional IT stack with its Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and eliminate the intermediary role of big tech companies to build a public blockchain network hosted by a global collection of independent data centers. The standard behind DFINITY Internet Computers, (ICP) allows software to run in a distributed manner over the Internet, rather than using servers controlled by large companies. This makes it possible to develop applications that are not owned, controlled or censored by any entity, creating opportunities to recreate popular Internet services such as social media applications in an open, decentralized manner.

DFINITY claims its Internet Computer is highly scalable and runs at network speed, with some functions taking milliseconds. This network consists of a neural network system called (NNS) open autonomous algorithm software system Manage its native utility coin is ICP (formerly known as DFN). The Internet computer protocol was built by the DFINITY Foundation, a non-profit group based in Zug, Switzerland.

DFINITY Internet computers are intended to accommodate use cases such as decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, enterprise IT systems, and websites. In 2020, DFINITY launched an open professional profile network called LinkedUp and CanCan, a video-sharing social networking service, to show how popular social media apps could be rebuilt as decentralized and owner-less. Although DFINITY does not intend to continue developing these applications, it has open-source code for these projects for developers who want to build on them.

DFINITY Internet Computer The network consists of four building blocks organized in a hierarchical order. On the base, There are managed networks nodes independent data center. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Internet computer nodes must meet minimum standards of technical specifications, so not every computer or machine can run nodes.

Co-managed nodes A a specific blockchain structure that can be integrated with other blockchains. Unlike other blockchains, Internet computer subnets do not use proof-of-work or proof-of-interest consensus mechanisms to process transactions. On the contrary, Subnetworks pass Chain Key Smart contracts Indicates the transaction status. Chain Key technology runs a "divide-and-conquer" approach by dividing the execution of smart contract functions into two types (query calls and update calls), which improves the overall efficiency and speed of ICP encrypted networks.

Subnet reverse hosting Software container , DFINITY describes it as an "extensible smart contract". The software container uses the " loop ", a mechanism equivalent to Ethereum gas to power computing and memory management. Cycles are created by ICP tokens, whose value is almost constant, ensuring that the cost of computation does not fluctuate. Cycles reflect operating costs such as hardware, energy, storage and bandwidth and are consumed as they are used.

Token economics

DFINITY Internet Computers are controlled by their networked nervous system, which controls all aspects of the network, including its structure, economy, and determines which data centers can host nodes. NNS is an autonomous master blockchain, meaning it operates without oversight from a central group and has a public key to verify all ICP transactions. It also creates new subnets on demand.

The ICP token has two uses: First, they can be locked inside the NNS to create "neurons" that can then vote on governance proposals and be rewarded for their votes; Second, they can be converted into loops to power calculations done by the software container.

Towards DFINITY and beyond

Compared with open public networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, DFINITY's unique infrastructure unleashing speed and efficiency advantages because it does not adhere to the same decentralized standards in its network of nodes and consensus mechanisms. This makes DFINITY particularly suitable for use cases where limited participation networks are appropriate for an enterprise, rather than general public uses where more equitable access is required. While many blockchain networks are incremental gains with slight modifications to each other to achieve utility, DFINITY has launched a completely unique iteration of blockchain technology that is full of utility and potential.

DFINITY Internet computers could provide solutions to key issues facing the technology industry, including security and scalability issues and monopolies in Internet services. DFINITY is one of many projects competing to address these issues in the race to provide infrastructure for the next generation of the Internet.

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