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Enjin CoinENJ
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Current market value: $604.11M
ENJ ( Global )
Market Cap
All-Time Low$0.01823030
All-Time High$4.8211
Circulating Supply
896,399,956 ENJ
Max Supply
1,000,000,000 ENJ
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 ENJ
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Enjin Coin (ENJ) Intro

ENJ coin, named enjin coin in Chinese, is a cryptocurrency issued by Enjin platform based on ERC20 format. Enjin is an eco-token for online game community creation platform Enjin. It was launched in November 2017 and has over 250,000 game communities and 18.7 million registered players. ENJ coins are ERC20 standard tokens that combine blockchain technology and are issued based on smart contracts and SDKS. Through a variety of video games, players can create NFT assets on the platform (such as tokens issued based on ERC1155). With users ranging from art collectors to coupon collectors, blockchain games allow players to become the real owners of virtual assets and trade them freely.

Enjin provides a software-integrated blockchain ecosystem that makes it easy for anyone to develop, trade, tokenize a variety of digital assets, and conduct marketing activities in the blockchain marketplace. Enjin was founded in 2009 and is deeply rooted in the gaming industry. Headquartered in Singapore, the company's first product was a gaming community platform called Enjin Network, which grew to 20 million users in 10 years. The Enjin ecosystem is built on a robust blockchain infrastructure, enabling game developers and businesses of all sizes to tokenize digital assets as part of their acquisition, retention, engagement and monetization strategies. The Enjin ecosystem is driven by the Enjin Token (ENJ), a digital store of value carrier used to support the value of NFTs blockchain assets. Every asset cast by the Enjin platform contains ENJ, which is locked inside and removed with circulation. Operating for many years, it has 250,000 game community associations, esports teams, Minecraft servers, game communities, game tribes, role-playing groups, fan sites and so on. It has 18.7 million registered players and about 60M global game players visit it every month. The game focuses on content management system and forum creators. Each neighborhood store sells millions of dollars of virtual goods each month. An attempt is being made to transform existing businesses with blockchain, with the launch of "graccoins" that allow players, content creators and game publishers to add virtual goods and provide value to games and communities.

Enkin has been around since 2009, and it has a lot of good features that bring gamers together. Enjin is to gamers what Shopify is to retailers, WordPress is to bloggers, douyu is to game hosts. This is a huge ecosystem that allows you to customize a player forum and support digital currency, chat, e-commerce features and more.

Expectation is used to solve: transaction and ownership transfer of virtual assets; Integration of real assets with games and communities in reality; As well as addressing fraud and high transaction costs to a certain extent. Community, content creators, it can give the game platform game server and game publishers to provide a complete solution, and their virtual goods and real value for the game and in the community, the user can be used in numerous game platform and the site holds the grace of the gold, will greatly enhance the players use the game platform of viscosity.

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