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Basic Attention TokenBAT
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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Intro

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a Token for a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform that aims to fairly reward users for their Attention while providing advertisers with a better return on their AD spending. With Brave Browser, users can view privacy-protecting ads and receive BAT rewards. On the other hand, advertisers can target ads to maximize engagement and reduce losses from AD fraud.

Product features


project carries out decentralized digital advertising services based on the Brave browser, which can protect users' privacy and at the same time reward users' attention. Attention is a unique concept in Brave, which uses the ANONIZE algorithm to measure user behaviour, such as what links are clicked on the most or which websites they spend the most time on. These actions can be quantified using the unit "attention" by embedding a blockchain ledger system in a browser that circulates tokens known as BAT (Attention coins). In short, Brave's browser, which incorporates BAT tokens, creates a positive feedback relationship between merchants, site owners and users. When Brave users watch advertisements or high-quality content, they will be rewarded with BAT tokens for the attention they spend, and the system will reward the website owners who successfully attract users' attention with advertisements and high-quality content. BAT tokens obtained by users and website owners come from advertising costs invested by merchants. And Brave is trying to achieve a fair distribution of value in digital advertising. To achieve this, it creates a privacy-centric platform so that advertisers or publishers cannot record users' private data, such as IP addresses, even without AD blocking enabled. In essence, users are always promised privacy, and as part of the additional security Brave offers its users, it only serves ads from its verified pool of advertisers. These advertisers pay a certain BAT amount to fund their campaigns on Brave. The money is then allocated to content creators and Brave users. With this system, Brave believes users can protect themselves from fraudulent ads.

Basic Attention Token is backed by a team of developers with extensive experience in the blockchain industry and many others with research backgrounds. The Brave Web browser that was created not only blocks third-party ads and trackers that you had to use in the past, but also measures your attention by replacing them with a transparent ledger system, Brave's efforts provide a better browsing experience and promotion service for all user publishers and advertisers.

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