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Solana Ecosystem
The Solana Ecosystem ave.change is
Solana is a high-performance underlying public chain based on Proof of History (PoH) that focuses on scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. Solana does not rely on sharding but implements high performance features with a new design architecture, aiming to provide underlying services for other projects with sub-second transaction speeds and transaction costs of $0.00001. The Solana project was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko with a core technology team from Fortune 500 chipmaker Qualcomm. Solana has three core advantages of scalability, decentralization and low cost. The main network has been launched in the first quarter of 2020. At present, the main network has more than 800 nodes worldwide, the maximum TPS can reach 65,000, the block generation time is about 400 milliseconds, and the single transaction cost is as low as 0.00001 US dollars. Solana is Proof of History in terms of performance. Eight core technologies, including PoH, Pipeline, block propagation protocol (Turbine), multi-threaded virtual machine (Sealevel), and scalable memory solution (Cloudbreak), optimized the network from start to finish, with no collision out of blocks, high speed communication, efficient verification, low latency, Simply put, the whole network can be like a supercar, galloping on the high-speed road ahead of blockchain. At the heart of Solana's extended solution is a historically proven (PoH) decentralized clock designed to solve the time problem in a distributed network without a single trusted time source. Eliminates the need to broadcast timestamps across the node network, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire network. Solana has formed an ecosystem mainly covering DeFi, tools, infrastructure, NFT, games, wallet, DApp and development. The subdivisions involved include DEX, derivatives, transaction analysis and visualization, lending, synthetic assets, staboin and other nearly 15 subdivisions. Solana has more than 300 projects or partners in DeFi, infrastructure, tools, NFT, games, and more, and the number continues to grow almost every week. Solana's top ecosystem applications are making explosive progress.
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