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McKinsey 2030 iot Forecast: MachineFi Machine Financial Explosion Is Coming on November 17, 2021, the International Business Times Technology Front page published the McKinsey 2030 iot Forecast outlook report. McKinsey pointed out in the article that by 2030, the Internet of Things (IoT) can release up to $12.6 trillion of global economic value, the integration of the Internet of Things digital world and the physical world is one of the major trends behind today's digital transformation of business and economy, MachineFi machine financial explosion era is coming. At the same time, McKinsey introduced IoTeX, a new generation of high-performance public chains, and how it is transforming the traditional Internet of Things and machine verticals into MachineFi DApp, unlocking trillion-dollar opportunities in the Metaverse and Web3 worlds, And ultimately enable millions of users to participate in the machine economy with billions of smart devices. IoTeX was founded in 2017 as an open source project in Silicon Valley with the goal of connecting the physical and digital worlds. IoTeX is a high-performance public blockchain that is fully compatible with Ethereum. MachineFi is a collection of intelligent device ecosystems, MachineFi will become the indispensable cornerstone between the decentralized world and the future machine economy ecology. The combination of leading technologies such as decentralized technologies, networked devices, financial concepts and algorithms is well positioned for MachineFi's rapid rise. DAG(Directed Acylic Graph) is a Directed Acylic Graph, a data structure commonly used in computers. DAG has a unique topology and is often used in scenarios such as dynamic planning and obtaining shortest paths in navigation. In the blockchain world, DAGs are used to solve the problem of scaling up, by increasing block size or block frequency to create a large number of forks in the network, but an attacker still needs 51% of the computing power to attack.
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