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When BSC (Binance Smart Chain) was launched, its main goal was to act as a blockchain running parallel to Binance, providing Ethereum compatibility and unlocking BNB's pledge mining potential. As the BSC ecosystem grows rapidly, the community has begun to plan for a larger vision. In 2021, the BSC aims to build a cross-chain financial infrastructure to unlock the Internet of value. ● Building cross-chain financial infrastructure refers to building solutions that support more interconnectivity between blockchains. To this end, BSC aims to build more Bridges between DeFi and CeFi (centralised finance). ● Unlocking the Value of the Internet refers to the ability of different DApps to interact and transfer assets through BSC bridging services. The BSC aims to make connectivity and asset transfer between different blockchains easier and faster. It will also support DAPPS and more application cases. Together, these ecological applications will form the VALUE Internet concept of BSC. Iot technology automates communication between smart devices, while value Internet enables the rapid and convenient transfer of assets and decentralized services. To achieve this vision, the BSC team is looking at different growth scenarios and working closely with multiple projects within the BSC ecosystem. BSC's vision for this year is outlined in four core missions: 1. Strengthening critical infrastructure and services. BSC wants to ensure best-in-class network security and make apis and other tools easy to use. Wallet Direct and other solutions enable cross-chain transactions and CeFi DeFi Bridges. 2. Establish a secure, trusted, and integrated DeFi infrastructure. BSC's solution must meet the DeFi requirements of the agency to attract more real world assets and applications. 3. Explore low barriers. Focus on specific market segments such as games, community (fan) tokens, etc. 4. Nurture a strong developer community. Incubate and accelerate original innovations and high-performing developers. The BSC team takes a decentralized approach to developing the ecosystem, enabling projects, developers, businesses, and other entities in the BSC ecosystem to make their best use of it. As of January 2021, BSC has supported 42 crypto assets with a total value of $1.37 billion in cross-chain assets and a total market value of $556 million for Binance Btoken. Projects on the BSC chain have begun to form a closed loop ecosystem, including wallets, prognosticators, insurance, payments, development tools, data tools, NFT, exchange markets and other infrastructure. BSC has more than 100 projects online, nearly 60 of which have very high user volume and transaction volume. There are 850,975 active addresses on the BSC. BSC processes 473,000 transactions a day, about 40% of Ethereum's total. The average miner's fee is as low as $0.07 per transaction, which is 2-3% of ethereum's miner's fee.
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