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In January 2021
BSC has backed 42 crypto assets with a total value of $1.37 billion across the chain and a total market cap of $556 million for Binance Btoken. Projects on the BSC chain have begun to form a closed loop ecosystem, including wallets, prognosticators, insurance, payments, development tools, data tools, NFT, exchange markets and other infrastructure. BSC has more than 100 projects online, nearly 60 of which have very high user volume and transaction volume. There are 850,975 active addresses on the BSC. BSC processes 473,000 transactions a day, about 40% of Ethereum's total. The average miner's fee is as low as $0.07 per transaction, which is 2-3% of ethereum's miner's fee.
In May 2021
The entire BSC Ecological TVL was $41 billion, with 68 million account addresses and 8.47 million 24-hour TXN. The ecosystem has 528 projects, including defI, Games, Tools, Wallet, NFT, social tracks, and dozens of new projects are launched every day.
By the end of August 2020
Binance chain has been upgraded to prepare for the launch of BSC. BSC main infrastructure goes online.
In April 2020
Binance chain community issued a white paper, briefly described the idea of smart contract blockchain running in parallel with binance chain, and proposed the pledge mining scheme of native token BNB.
In August 2020
Binance sponsored the Position Rebate Campaign, which demonstrated how BNB pledge mining works, and a strategic partnership with Band Protocol has also been launched.
In July 2020
BSC reveals its first partners, including Ankr and Chainlink. Meanwhile, enhanced security measures have been added to the new test line.
In May 2020
BSC was the first to test the online line, developed a decentralized application, and adopted the consensus mechanism of authority proof of rights.
December 3, 2021
Binance Smart Chain and Animoca Brands have teamed up to launch GameVest, a $200 million fund to accelerate and incubate early-stage crypto gaming startups. The goal is to significantly increase mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.
September 1, 2020
The main network of Binance smart chain is officially launched today. As the parallel operation chain of binance smart chain, binance smart chain can realize the creation of smart contract and BNB pledge mining and other functions. BNB can be collected by any interested person and/or institution and entrusted as a verification node for this new blockchain.
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