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21 December 2020
Huobi DeFi Labs announced the establishment of "Heco Ecological Fund". Heco Ecological Fund is used to support the development of huobi open platform and huobi ecological chain projects to promote the prosperity of Huobi ecology. Heco Ecological Fund will focus on quality projects in the direction of DEX, lending, predictor, cross-chain solution, stablecoin exchange, insurance and so on in huobi ecological chain. Huobi DeFiLabs is a platform for research, investment incubation and ecological construction focused on DeFi, committed to creating a new financial world together with the global digital asset community and DeFi community.
21 December 2020
On December 21, 2020, the fire main currency iec Heco officially launched, officially launched the "flame" stage, the stage will be focused on infrastructure, improve the chain including but not limited to: predict machine, voting tools, anchor currency, DEX, lending, finance, insurance, synthetic property, cross chain solutions, data analysis, intelligent contract innovation and so on.
January 14, 2021
Heco Eco Alliance officially announced the first batch of exchanges, including BiBox, BiKi, BigONE, BitZ, HobbitHBTC, Hoo, LBank, MXC and Jubi, which joined Heco Eco Alliance as partners, contributing to Heco Eco Project. Heco Ecological Alliance was established by HUobi Ecological Chain Heco on January 14, 2021. Heco Ecological Alliance aims to unite top investment institutions, trading platforms, wallets and media in the industry to jointly enable Heco ecological projects, support high-quality developers all over the world, and jointly promote Heco ecological prosperity and development. Heco Ecological Alliance will provide high-quality developers with investment, transaction, traffic, brand and other resource support to help them grow quickly.
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