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入选理由 Since the "Policy Declaration", the Hong Kong government has carried out a series of actions related to RWA. On February 16, 2023, the Hong Kong government successfully issued a tokenized green bond of HK$800 million. bond. The subsequent digital Hong Kong dollar is also a stable currency anchored by the legal Hong Kong dollar. At the same time, the Hong Kong government is also working to further regulate the Security Token Offering (Security Token Offering), which will bring non-standard and poor liquidity markets such as the real estate market, private debt and equity markets, and the art market. A new financing channel. Traditional financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Hamilton Lane, Siemens, and KKR have all announced efforts to put their real-world assets on the chain. Additionally, crypto-native DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO and Aave are being adjusted to be compatible with RWA. Traditional financial institutions can rely on their own rich financial assets and resources to enter the Hong Kong RWA market, further industrialize virtual assets, and let finance help the real economy.
入选理由 AI (artificial intelligence) is the ability of machines to perform human-like tasks, including learning, problem solving and decision making. It is one of the fastest growing technologies and is already used in many industries, including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. The integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain can lead to more secure, transparent and efficient systems.
Token unlock in 2023
入选理由 Through the data analysis of on-chain and off-chain data, users can monitor and obtain unlocking events of related tokens.
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