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Stacks (STX) Intro

Stacks Blockstack, which provides software infrastructure for Internet developers, This includes dApps for decentralized applications (dApps) provides infrastructure and developer tools for computing networks and ecosystems. It focuses on replacing reliance on centralized cloud service providers and applications that collect and profit from user information. The Stacks network allows users to own digital assets such as username, domain name, computer program directly. On the Stacks blockchain, computations are done on the edge (i.e. client devices) and applications on the platform store data separately and use the blockchain only when necessary.

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    Stacks block chain;
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Stacks block chain

Stacks the blockchain is Stacks The coordination layer of an ecosystem. In addition to maintaining native Stacks tokens, it also allows storing user ids and smart contract processing. Stacks use the first version of the blockchain in Bitcoin ($BTC) run on the blockchain and record transactions directly to the chain using a burning proof mechanism. For version 2, Blockstack will introduce a new chain that uses adjustable proofs to reach consensus.

< SPAN class=" qL-size-13 qL-font microsoftyahei ql-author-58030660"> Tunable proofs allow chains to use a large number of inputs and assign weights to those inputs. In order to bootstrap their blockchain (to make sure they have enough hash power from the start), Stacks will rely on previously used burn proof models with native Working proof (PoW) Once there are enough hashing ability Support for Stacks blockchain, weight can shift to native PoW.

< SPAN class=" qL-size-13 qL-font Microsoftyahei qL-author-58030660 "> Add efficiency to the Stacks block chain by Atlas Peer Network, which acts as an extended storage layer for the chain. Peers on the network attempt to store a full copy of the data, thereby reducing the load on the Stacks chain. While many blockchains attempt to store all data directly on the chain, the Stacks chain stores hash values only and relies on Atlas to store complete data.

Clarity Smart Contract

Stacks New smart contract language. Clarity's focus on security and predictability makes it non-Turing-complete for individual transactions and interpreted directly by virtual machines. Systems that compile code before deployment run the risk of introducing errors not included in the original code. Turing's lack of integrity also enables static analysis, providing granularity about costs and behavior before deploying smart contracts.

Gaia storage system

< SPAN class=" qL-size-13 qL-font Microsoft Tyahei ql-author-58030660"> is an additional feature to achieve scalability and user security. Gaia is Stacks' storage system, which does not require an application to store user data and instead gives users the option of storing data in private encryption, whether on a cloud provider or on-premise server. The Stacks blockchain, along with Atlas, stores Pointers that allow applications to access user data. Information is encrypted as it is stored and can only be accessed if the user provides approval through their encryption key.

Stacks Authentication

< SPAN class=" qL-size-13 qL-font Microsoft ahei qL-author-58030660 "> Allow the application and retrieve data for the process with Stacks Authentication systems are largely invisible to users interacting with them. When a user logs in to an application using their Stacks ID, the user's client manages the authentication process directly from their device, without server-side validation such as password or 0Auth. Stacks ID is used to interact with any application on the platform.

Stacks and Stacks SDK

These different components are available with Stacks for developers The SDK is bundled with the user-facing Stacks browser, which acts as an authenticator, application browser, and ID manager.

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