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WAX Ecosystem
The WAX Ecosystem ave.change is
WAX is a blockchain focused on games, NFT, and game asset transactions. Users can manage and trade NFT assets such as collectibles, trading cards, etc. Dapps can not only build their own games, but also, as in other ecosystems, build their own NFT products and items based on WAX's existing standard NFT protocol, and even design NFT items for users to use in games. The current focus of WAX blockchain activity is the issuance and transaction of NFT collectibles. There have been many successful card launches, such as Topps' GPK Series1, GPK Exotic Series, BlockHeroes, William Shatner's personal collection, etc. WAX is actually NFT's best growing public chain next to Ethereum, claiming to be the easiest and most secure way to create, buy, and sell virtual goods for all of humanity. Eosio-based WAX, backed by Opskins, the largest Steam virtual goods marketplace, is a Cloud Wallet that is rich enough in traffic and gaming resources and doesn't rely heavily on EOSIO to create a Wallet that can still be used as an Internet product. Better capture of users.
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