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Okexchain Ecosystem
The Okexchain Ecosystem ave.change is
OKExChain is an open source high-performance decentralized trading public chain developed by OKEx, aiming to promote the implementation of trading business based on blockchain technology. As a group of open source blockchain application public chains, OKExChain aims to establish a secure and efficient DeFi infrastructure, creating a decentralized trading platform (DEX) with community operation, transparent trading rules and user assets under their own control. Anyone can campaign to become an OKExChain supernode, and can issue their own digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade them. EVM virtual machine technology and OKEx cross-chain gateway will also be introduced, as well as compatibility with Cosmos IBC cross-chain scheme. Through OKExChain, the value, users and scenarios of blockchain can be interconnected in a simple and efficient way. Finally, the ecosystem can be jointly built and a value-added system can be constructed. Cross-chain technology is the key link to realize asset and data interaction in the blockchain world, and it is the technical basis of DeFi. The so-called cross-chain is to realize asset transfer, information exchange and application collaboration between different blockchain platforms. It is similar to the bridge between different public chains to realize data transmission between different blockchain networks and greatly reduce transmission costs. Through the cross-chain module, the value interconnection, user interconnection and scenario application interconnection of blockchain can be realized simply and effectively, so as to jointly build the ecosystem and value-added system. As such, OKExChain is built based on the Cosmos Tendermint mechanism as well as the Cosmos SDK. Cosmos proposes a cross-chain interaction protocol called IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol) that, combined with the immediate certainty of the Tendermint consensus algorithm, enables the transfer of value between blockchains, In the future, it will also support heterogeneous cross-chain approaches to solve the problem of multidirectional flow of value.
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