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Musk family concept
The Musk family concept ave.change is
Musk joined Twitter in June 2009 and now has more than 44.9 million followers, most of whom are drawn to his flesh-and-blood comments. In an interview with THE US TV news magazine 60 Minutes at the end of 2018, Musk even boasted: "You use your hair to express your personality. I use Twitter. In this battleground, Musk has taken 11 companies and products to market, and never used words in a vague way. Shortest word Bitcoin, Gamestonk!! ", no more than 20 words, and the fewer words, the bigger the storm. The twitter profile changed to Bitcoin, and the price of Bitcoin jumped 18% within an hour; Gamestonk!! The stock price of GME jumped 60 percent. Use Signal, which quickly climbed to number one on Apple's store and Google Play, briefly crashed its servers. In addition to the article, change the signature, musk's a like, can also trigger the stock market and currency circle shock. This silent approach to carrying goods is unrivalled by Mr Musk. In the coin circle, no matter bitcoin, dogecoin, or shiba Inu coin skyrocketed, musk is behind the figure, he only with one or two words, set off a storm of blood in the coin circle. In the first half of the year, Musk talked about bitcoin 13 times, including four positive and four negative (including multiple tweets a day), according to Block Rhythm. Musk explicitly mentioned Dogecoin 27 times on Twitter (not including the response emoji). On the day mentioned, the daily line of Dogecoin closed 11 times positive and 8 times negative (including multiple tweets in one day).
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