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Alameda Research Portfolio
The Alameda Research Portfolio ave.change is
Sam Bankman-Fried is founder and CEO of Alameda Research and founder of the FTX Exchange. Alameda Research manages over $90 million in digital assets and trades over $300 million to $1 billion in various digital currencies and their derivatives on thousands of products every day. With operations in the US, Japan and the British Virgin Islands, it trades in every market in the world. Drawing on decades of experience at Jane Street, Optiver, Susquehanna, Facebook, and Google, the team built the most sophisticated trading system in the crypto world, citing over-the-counter spreads. So far, they have kept a low profile, but are capable of making hundreds of millions of dollars in returns. At present, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has become one of the well-known market traders in the crypto market. Under his leadership, FTX Exchange and other currencies related to FTT, SOL and SRM have played a very aggressive role in the crypto market, and their layout strategies and trading methods have also become one of the focus of the market. Alameda Research's investments focus on Solana Eco-construction and DeFi. Alameda Research led the funding with Zenlink, TrustToken, Impossible Finance, MCDEX, Coin98 Labs, Nerve Finance, OVEX, and Alchemix Finance, Efficient Frontier, InsurAce, Automata Network, Fantom Foundation, Oxygen,, etc. Alameda Research, along with Multicoin Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, has been featured in the SBF portfolio. But officially named as), CMS Holdings, and Sino Global Capital, NGC Capital and other investors have appeared together many times. Among them, Alameda Research has co-invested with Multicoin Capital in projects including U XD Protocol, Eden Network, Helium, Burnt Finance, REALY, MCDEX, Coin98 Labs, Solana Labs, Oxygen, Manta Network. Projects that Alameda Research has co-funded with Three Arrows Capital include B Alancer Labs, Manta Network, dTrade, Lido Finance, Nerve Finance, Volmex. Finance. In addition to some regular cooperative investment institutions, SBF now involves Genesis Block Venture, CMS Holdings and Sino Global Capital in some important project investments, forming relatively closed interest circles for better project management in the later period. Through cooperation with all of these institutions, combined with their own good ability of market traders and layout SBF around FTX exchanges established a large and stable interest community and ecological system, and its assembly line of the encryption operation market is boundless, the cut, but the phenomenon of long-term value of the whole industry is still questionable. With the help of Alameda Research and FTX, SBF has completely opened up the upstream and downstream of cryptocurrency, with projects accessible from the upper and service institutions such as media controlled by the lower, and a crypto empire has emerged.
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